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RSK Middle East (trading as RSK Environment LLC) offers leading consultancy and contracting services in engineering, environmental management, geosciences and sustainability. Since the company’s establishment in Abu Dhabi in 2007, it has been providing consultancy and contracting services to wide-ranging clients undertaking a variety of small- and large-scale projects in the Middle East and North Africa. It engages with clients in various sectors, ensuring that all projects adhere to international safety, health, environmental and quality (SHEQ) standards.

The technical delivery of services throughout RSK Middle East’s regional network is possible through the dedication and commitment of its in-country professionals, including environmental and geoenvironmental specialists, as well as remediation, bioremediation and geophysical engineers and laboratory technicians.

All RSK Middle East regional branches work to a common standard of care for employee safety, technical quality and environmental protection, following RSK’s ISO-certified system and with country-specific regulations and accreditations. The SHEQ management team maintains the system and records SHEQ performance to meet company and client expectations. RSK’s Middle East teams access state-of-the-art global expertise through its centre of excellence . This includes social sciences, human health, groundwater risk assessments, sustainable remedial alternatives analyses, remedial solution implementation, environmental and social impact assessments, contractual matters, stakeholder communications and advocacy.

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RSK Environment Technical Director Rachael Riley explained why we all need to support the drive for more Women in Rail. 🚆

In a recent article for Rail Professional magazine Rachael says: `A great deal of work and commitment across our industry means that it is a much more fair and inclusive workplace on the whole in 2024.

However, the gender balance represents a powerful reminder that we are still not attracting and retaining women as effectively as we could and should be.`

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#RSKGroup #Rail #WomenInRail #Transport #STEM

RSK Group companies are proud to be contributing to the National Transgender Monument project in Sackville Gardens, Manchester.

The project follows irreparable damage to the former Transgender Memorial in 2022.

National charity Sparkle and its partner, ARUP, are leading the project, which involves the planning, design and installation of a new monument.

RSK’s Pride Network co-chair Bradley Falcus shared the opportunity to contribute to the project with businesses across the group.

💬 He said: “Businesses across the group wanting to volunteer their services to assist with the project and support the Pride Network is a real testament to the culture we foster in RSK.“

➡️ You can read the full article on the RSK Group website now!

#RSKGroup #SackvilleGardens #Manchester #PrideNetwork

RSK Group company TerrAffix have recently worked with Kier to identify a solution to the microplastics challenge.

The microplastics in road dust are washed into waterways during storms making runoff one of the primary sources of microplastics in water systems.

Laboratory testing undertaken by the two companies has demonstrated that a plant-based material used to create a biochar can successfully remove microplastics found in the runoff from our roads.

You can read the full article on the RSK Group website now!

#RSKGroup #Microplastics #Biochar #Sustainability #Environmental

Don’t let recycling and waste management be an event’s dirty little secret 🤫

Sustainability is becoming crucial in event management, often focusing on recyclable or biodegradable cutlery and public transport access.

However, waste management is usually overlooked, leading to overflowing and smelly bins that harm the environment.

Nuno Lopes, an expert from RSK Integrated Waste Solutions (RSK-IWS), discussed with Event Industry News how modern waste management practices can enhance an event`s sustainability.

#RSKGroup #EventManagement #WasteManagement #Recycling

🎉 We are pleased to announce that RSK has been accepted by the Society for the Environment as a Chartered Environmentalist Employer Champion.

This acknowledgement recognises and rewards organisations that demonstrate a commitment to developing employees specialising in environmental disciplines.

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#RSKGroup #EnvironmentalistEmployer #Environmental