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RSK Middle East (trading as RSK Environment LLC) offers leading consultancy and contracting services in engineering, environmental management, geosciences and sustainability. Since the company’s establishment in Abu Dhabi in 2007, it has been providing consultancy and contracting services to wide-ranging clients undertaking a variety of small- and large-scale projects in the Middle East and North Africa. It engages with clients in various sectors, ensuring that all projects adhere to international safety, health, environmental and quality (SHEQ) standards.

The technical delivery of services throughout RSK Middle East’s regional network is possible through the dedication and commitment of its in-country professionals, including environmental and geoenvironmental specialists, as well as remediation, bioremediation and geophysical engineers and laboratory technicians.

All RSK Middle East regional branches work to a common standard of care for employee safety, technical quality and environmental protection, following RSK’s ISO-certified system and with country-specific regulations and accreditations. The SHEQ management team maintains the system and records SHEQ performance to meet company and client expectations. RSK’s Middle East teams access state-of-the-art global expertise through its centre of excellence . This includes social sciences, human health, groundwater risk assessments, sustainable remedial alternatives analyses, remedial solution implementation, environmental and social impact assessments, contractual matters, stakeholder communications and advocacy.

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Congratulations Frog Environmental for their International Gold Winner Award for Environmental Best Practice!

The RSK Group company's work on the Tyneside dock redevelopment has helped to protect Atlantic salmon with their innovative bubble curtain.

A bubble curtain is a simple yet innovative solution to help with water quality and environmental protection.

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Join us as we continue our water webinar series, The Blue Thread. 💧

This webinar will build upon the momentum generated during World Water Week. We will explore innovative approaches and actionable strategies for the global water sector to contribute to carbon net zero goals.

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RSK Group company 1stinrail is nearing completion of a VolkerFitzpatrick project: the £70m redevelopment of the Stadler Nexus depot at Gosforth in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The project involved the complete overhaul of the existing depot and will accommodate new state-of-the-art trains for the Tyne and Wear Metro.

Project Manager Clinton Smith said of 1stinrail, "Their drive for continuous improvement, quality of finished product and collaboration in ensuring the overall success of the programme has been very much appreciated and we look forward to the next opportunity to work together.”

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Eloise has recently been on-site with WGM Engineering Ltd for a tour of the Dalmarnock site.

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For the first time in the UK, waste solvent feedstocks have been used in an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant to produce low carbon gas.

Synergie (part of PD&MS), an RSK Group company, has been working on a project installing and commissioning this anaerobic digestion plant to recycle waste solvents into low carbon gas.

The plant takes waste and converts it into a value income, providing low carbon energy. An added benefit is the provision of greater energy resilience as this is directed to the national grid.

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Have you ever wondered what geophysics is?

Join Dr Charlotte Usher to discuss the use of geophysics in a ground investigation. In this webinar, as part of our Down to Earth series, we will discuss why and when geophysics should be used and how it can be of financial benefit.

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RSK Group companies Binnies and RAA are working together to support Severn Trent Water.

The project will focus on Severn Trent Water’s catchment planning and commitment to managing the resilience of its wastewater network and reduction of flooding and pollution.

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